I have been a member for over 15 years and I recently had to travel OCONUS. I asked my wife to call customer service to ensure I was able to use my ATM without any issues. Well one of the first questions my wife was asked was if she had a green immigration card and when was the expiration date. My wife and I are Hispanics and find this totally discriminatory because we are American Citizens and just the fact that our heritage is Hispanic doesn't mean that we live in the U.S temporary as residends. I find this absurd, bias, discriminatory and a form of stereo typing that a bank such as USAA will ask a member this type of question just to complete a transaction. I hope this post is read by management and properly train their poor customer service. If the membership requirements are changed for what ever reason to at least notify current members of these changes before asking immigration status in order to receive service. This type of service is not expected from a bank that it's priority is to service Military members. A proper letter of explanation and apology should be send to my wife for the descrimination she received during this interaction with customer service.


Wow. Sorry this happened to you.



I feel that I must respond. I must assume that your wife had properly identified herself to the USAA customer service agent BEFORE the agent asked your wife whether wife was a resident alien. If the agent asked the question after your wife properly ID'd herself then the question is perhaps insulting and demeaning, however it is not discriminatory. Discrimination is NOT illegal; Illegal discriminatory is illegal, and insults are in bad taste and very bad for business. Everybody discriminates every day. There is a clear difference. 


That said it sounds as if USAA owes you a big apology. I too would be very upset. Without knowing any details other than what you stated, I would offer my own apology as an almost 50 year USAA member, and a former US Army and USCG service member.


With regrets and apology,