Disappointment in dwindling services and support

Very disappointed in USAA's dwindling services.  I appreciate that USAA provides a "refund" each year as the business model gets more efficient, but would truly appreciate if services that were previously available did not continue to decline.  I have been shocked at how many times that USAA agents have informed me recently that they no longer offer that service or that there is nothing they can do to help me.  I have raved about USAA as a benefit for many years, now slowly, I have begun shifting many accounts and services away from USAA.  Homeowners insurance rates were not competitive, Renter's insurance rates are not competitive, USAA no longer insures motos (scooters) for members serving overseas if the size of the engine is 50 cc or less, they had no loan programs or partner relationships to facilitate home purchasing at an overseas duty location.  Most disappointing is the loss of customer service focus when I call in, reduction in availability of call in support, and an acceptance that other companies are offering more competitive rates or supporting services.  I could understand if indications were that they had stretched too far in supporting service members, but, when I get a "refund" each year but less services, it truly is a mixed message.  It was a good run with USAA, but I imagine I will not have any accounts with you in 2 more years....everytime I need to renew something or meet a new requirement that life brings my way, someone else is better postured to support the requirement.


Disappointed long term customer,


Joe Harder


Drop it all like I did and get a full refund of YOUR subscriber savings account. It will be a smaller bonus than the CEO got but it sends a strong message.

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I so can relate and agree!!  Property insurance is most definitely not competitive.  Service is lacking -
Recently I had a banking issue and was given the run-around and wrong informationl  A promised explanation of

how the errer - on your part - had occurred never happened.  When I tried to view the instrument in question, I was never able to do so and to date still have no explanationl.  I have stopped shopping via Member's Shop because I had way too many problems - being told some transactions were not routed correctly and even being asked to provide proof!  I now only use the Member's Shop for 1 particular merchant and only as a last resort for other merchants.  Even or SSA distribution is much smaller this year.   The whole situation is dep[ressing.  i had always thought of USAA as the elite

in every way, but now feel I have to be cautious in all my interactions with you.  This is painful after decades of loyalty.