If a benefit of being a USAA member is using the shopping feature then USAA needs to rethink their relationship with FTD. I ordered flowers for my wife for Valentines Day like a million other men do this month.  Order was supposed to be delivered on thurs, got an email stating delivery would be postponed a day. Fair enough, its a busy time of year for them. After not receiving the "thank you" text from my wife I called customer service.  Oh, we are sorry your order can't be filled for delivery today.  WHAT!!!!!!  So I ask can  you delivery it saturday on Valentines Day?  Oh we are sorry we can't  since it's last minute order.  Last minute?! I ordered them last week.  So the ever so helpful service rep asked if I'd like them delivered on Monday?  Trying to maintian my self control, I asked her when Valentines Day was.  She didn't answer b/c I'm guessing she knew where my line of questioning was going.  So she said she can refund my money.  Thank you USAA for endorsing a company that was not only going to not inform me of their non delivery but offered to delivery them two days after Valentines.

Guess it's gas station flowers for my amazing wife this year!!


FTD got me really bad with their shipping cost too! More for shipping then the flowers and the full amount was not even on the checkout page of their website.