Since I have been getting side effects from my Pych medication which is causing me to get dizzy and occasionally fall. My neighbor has complaint to the Bound Brook, Nj Police Department and the Police has issued me summons on every occasion coming to my apartment. On Jan. 24 the Police threaded to have me put in jail...

Just because my neighbor heats banging sound when I fall.

I feel I am being mistreated as a disable veteran ...

Please help me with some answers of what to do?


Go back to VA hospital and let them know what is going on. Sometimes all the side effects aren't listed maybe they can adjust or change them. I had mine changed

Disabled veteran . I would suggest you to join a service organization, DAV American Legion-Etc.  a trained representative can start a case file on your situation and help you to find the appropriate help you need. Like get the VA to document your medical/medication problems so the police can't arbitrarily harass you when you simply have just fallen due to medication side affects.  You can get a service rep assigned to you that you can call when trouble comes a knocking!  Once you get started you will see that you are not alone.  The police can get put in their place.  Just give these suggestions a try.  Hope this helps.  Find out what your rights are you've served your country, you are a disabled veteran.  Your one up on that problem cop!!!   Do not open your door untill a second party source of help comes to your home to arbitrate the siyuation with you?  Good luck, thanks for your service!