I am a civilian member of the bank, and find it silly that I have to either mail a check for deposit, or find a UPS location that accepts check deposits.

I would think that the cost to the bank would be less if every member had this access, as it would eliminate having to pay for postage prepaid envelopes, or the fees in accepting checks at select UPS locations.

Any idea if this is coming to non-military members?


Military members have only those options as well. You're a civilian. Just be thankful you have USAA.

Not sure what you mean by civilian. I have been out since 2000.

I use the mobile app on my phone.  Before the app I used deposit at home. I haven't mailed anything to USAA in years.





Mobile deposit is available for all members with a credit line (credit card, etc). If you only have checking/savings, there is no 'mobile' option for deposits. I have to take all of my checks to the UPS Store for deposit, but the service is rfree & relatively easy.

I see. Thanks for the clarification.



I'd like to add to this in threat in the new year (2015). Depending on what you mean by 'civilian' member I share your frustration. My fiancee joined the bank at my urging, but as she is not eligible for insurance products (too far removed from military service) she is not eligible for deposit at mobile, despite sharing multiple accounts with me including a line of credit. I had thought the credit eligibility was sufficient but it is not. Shame on me for not doing my research! I'm definitely in the dog house for urging her to move everything to this great bank which she can't use as efficiently as her previous bank. We will be married soon and hopefully that will be resolved, but I would encourage USAA Bank to open deposit at mobile to all banking customers (or those banking customers meeting a certain risk requirement). The various USAA companies serve military families as their mission. These companies also compete for business with other banks -- and mobile deposit isn't unique.