So I received this flyer a few days ago for dental and vision insurance through USAA. I was so excited to see this because I have government healthcare (aka Obamacare). Government health insurance sucks in Oregon because we're offered dentists with the worst ratings and the only time I can see an eye doctor is if I'm pregnant or have an emergency with my eyes...

I go to the website on the flyer and click Oregon...what do you know! USAA doesn't have this insurance availabe in Oregon. So why do they send flyers to people in states that don't offer the insurance.

I really hate USAA and I left them a long time ago, I'm only paying off my credit card (ya, fell for that scam too) then I'm done with USAA.

I definitely recommend other members to leave USAA as well. They used to cover my auto insurance until they started raising my rates despite the fact that I've never had a ticket or been in a car wreck. Glad I left them and I'm very happy with State Farm.

Off topic I know, but I suggest leaving this company. Check other forums by members, they're an awful company to be associated with!


Awful Insurance,


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