What monies does USAA use to fund Planned parenthood, that killer of America's future? Where does it come from and who decides on which organizations to support? How do we get a list of their charities? It would be better if they did not fund any organizations but shared the profits back with members to decide how to handle our own money.


If they fund organizations that pay for abortions like United Way, Susan G. Koman, or more will they fund Christian organizations like Samaritan's Purse for humanitarian outreach in equal amounts? Since bank employees march with gay events with USAA's blessings,  will USAA sponsor and show up with banners --the pro-life march in Washington DC in January of each year?  Equal response.


We are NOT a diverse country. We are all Americans who stand by the U.S. Constitution form of Law. That is our united bottom line.





Defund me from Planned Parenthood.