RangerMartin...how right yout are. Many are deceived to believe otherwise as indicated by the support members are displaying here. Sad. Sad.
I truly wish everyone would do their research on a subject matter besides listening to sound bites, read composite articles, and learn to leave health matters mostly for women alone. The truth the speak of on the fetus sells is actually false. As someone who works with Human Reproduction, the method of mass delivery of these messages are always incorrect.Planned Parenthood has saved more lives since it's inception then lost. PM charters is to help teach and train women and no men on respecting their bodies and to prevent unwanted pregnancies. 99.5 of work accomplished by PM is education, emotional health, working with youths that and Dre kicked out of homes because parents mostly father's kick daughters out if they become pregnant. However slap their sons on the back when they are no longer virgins. I you find you need to drop USAA because they support PP. Then you do as you need to. However, as a female I am glad PP is their since many parents to not take the time to be frank about sex, the good, the bad, the diseases, and how men should not force them selves on women. Most PP are put in place to teach in neighborhoods that are poor and do not have excellent parental role models. I sometimes wish men who make negative statements about PP would walk in to one with their daughters so their daughters can learn how to respect their bodies.

Ms. idahotammy, have you seen the videos that are freely available over the internet where PP has incriminated themselves by freely admitting how they perform abortions to minimize the amount of "crushing" so that organs will be more viable for sale?  These are not "sound bites".  These are their own words.  Instead of making blanket statements about my lack of research, please point out evidence to prove your point.  You do realize that PP is the largest abortion provider in the country, don't you?  Since every abortion is a life lost, how can you say that PP has saved more lives than they have lost?  I have heard story after story about how some pregnant women who have gone to PP to just get an ultrasound and get some information about possible alternatives, are pressured to get an abortion and when they discover that they will not be getting an abortion, they are treated with contempt.  If PP is so focused on education, then why don't they spend more resources on helping to educate pregnant women with other possible alternatives to abortion, like adoption?  This is what Pregnancy Resource Centers do.  If they are so into education, why don't they educate women on the research that has been done that now shows the devastating long-term emotional and physical side affects that abortion can have on a woman's life?  Did you know that the goal of the founder of PP, Margret Sanger, was to exterminate the African American population, as she once said, “We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the N***o population."?  And even today, "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), by far, black Americans are the ethnic group having the greatest number of abortions. They composed only 12.6 percent of the population in the 2010 census, but a staggering 42% of total abortions in the U.S. for 2008, the latest year in which CDC abortion data were available. The Radiance Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia in early 2010 began a media campaign, “Black Americans are an endangered species,” to drive home the radical and shocking reality—almost half of black children are aborted in the United States."  If you want to know the truth about PP, you can find a good resource here:  http://downloads.frc.org/EF/EF12J05.pdf.  The above quote was taken from this resource.

Really its a woman's body so she can do what she wants. Let's say you were married and your wife was 6 1/2 months pregnant and both of you were celebrating your first child,  when she suddenly decides to leave you and go to her old boyfriend. Once the child is born she tells  you that it is her baby and she wants her boyfriend to raise the child. What? You would be outraged abd head to court to claim your offspring. What if at 6 1/2 months ( yes they do this) she tells you, I change my mind I want an abortion my ex wants me back but the baby isn't a part of the package? Can you imagine the physiological effect that would have on you? Would you say "fine its your body" have the abortion or woulf you plead with her, ask her parents to intervene, and do all you can to save this child that you have been singin to and loving for 6 1/2 months? Would you beg her to have an ultra sound first/ Would you beg her to have the baby and promise to take sole custody? Would you remind that the baby is not just a conception of her alone?

Perfect examples, but will you get a honest response?

Look at what happened to China because of the estimated 100,000,000 abortions. They are in trouble because the 5-1 young person to senior  is going to be 1.6 young person to i with this generation getting older. Look at the link and see that because of abortion of female babies and their one child policy that also lead to infanticide, has caused China to have 30,000,000 more males than female. It is an epidemic because they have 30,000,000 more "bachelors" than women. i am sure when you see this video you will think that this is despicable because it the state made her do it but if she does it herself, who care how the father or society feels, right.  Video is at the bottom of the page. Fact check me with this article or others.  http://www.npr.org/2016/02/01/465124337/how-chinas-one-child-policy-led-to-forced-abortions-30-milli...


America is going to experience the same thing having aborted over 58,000,000 babies. With baby boomers getting older, increased demand for higher taxes will break the bank and the economy, as younger Americans population have been greatly reduced by abortions (58,000,000). Fact check me but they wont necessarily mention the fact that the  future women and men of American, are not there because they were killed by abortion. Yes i am aware birth control also reduces the population but we are discussing death by abortion.  http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/what-baby-boomers-retirement-means-for-the-u-s-economy/










How have Planned Parenthood saved lives. The recently had to admit that they do not provide mammograms? Are you aware that the founder of planned parenthood PPH was a dedicated eugenicist, and a profoundly racist woman that thought of black people as "human weeds."  Do not just write this off, look it up and not just listen to pondents. Read about her books, articles  and watch the video which I hope they allow me to load to show the truth.       



Please do not insult me by saying it is a vast right wing conspiracy and a lie, without reading her statements in various credible articles and her book or excerpts from them.  Today there are about 43,000,000 African Americans alive, and in some cities like NY 50 of African American babies are aborted, meaning 50% lives and 50% dies. Margret Sanger Founder of PPH must be rolling and grinning in her grave. About 18,000,000 African babies have been aborted, which is about 40% of the current population and is a major genocide. 

You apparently have not researched this at all: 

RangerMartin, thank you for bringing this topic to the member community. I think it is very important for members to understand the organizations with which USAA chooses to align. Unfortunately, it is sad to see we have some members that choose to rationalize, or deliberately turn a blind eye to the evil actions of planned parenthood. In my eyes, this is not a pro-life vs. pro-choice matter. This is a human matter. It's strange how some tend to dismiss the gross acts of an organization they support. Thank you for your post.
No one has a right to choose life. I dont support planned parenthood and abortion is wrong. Its part of a depopulation program organized by our goverenment using our military as puppets for there financial gain. You people that really believe that you have rights in this country are dreaming. Abortion is Murder and Karma will come after you who do. If your not part of the Elite your trash just like all those babies being killed. That will happen to people next. You let our government get away with this.. your only opening the door for it to happen to you or your children later. Dose Hitler ring a bell.