I am currently deployed, usaa has blocked my checkings account(s) which won't allow me to make online purchases or payments. Keeps declining at the PX/BX when trying to use. I need this lifted immediately! I shouldn't have to worry about card issues during a deployment.


3 hours later and still no reply.  This issue may be minor to you but it is absolutely essential to me!

Good luck!

Unfortunately, we are not able to solve customer service questions here in the community. Please contact a member representative using the CONTACT US button on usaa.com or by calling 210-531-8722 or 1-800-531-8722 when you are able. Thank you so much and I do apologize for any inconvience.

Hey I am in Cambodia and having THE same problem. Our atm/debit cards are being blocked from the ATM's when on 8/26/14 they were working! I can't call internationally to sort it out so until the email rep gets back to me I'm stuck. This should not be happening, especially since I was never notified via email that a block had been put on my account. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

We have had such horrible issues with this at USAA, they have blocked my son's account without notice and he has the text alerts on his account, contacted them and they play this OH we aren't sure why he wasn't notified but someone was attempted to charge his card multiple times so we put a block on the card.  They don't notify you just do it.  So mortified at what has happened with USAA over the past few years that we are now moving our accounts to Navy Federal CU.  Just in the past month my card was compromised, notifed USAA and it took them 5 days to put a block on the card needless to say you now what happened, then attempting to make a large purchase (funds to cover in account) USAA kept declining the transaction, I have to call to get them to approve a transaction over a certain dollar amount ever if its under my daily limit??  No its my money yet they are controlling what I am doing with it, very unsatified with USAA and they including the office of the CEO are willing to let me take five figure account away with three direct deposits rather than deal with me a customer of over 20 years.  That tells me alot about their loyalty to me a diabled veteran.  More disgusted that they would do this to a service member serving in a war zone, shame on USAA.


I cannot imagine the strain this has caused you. I have escalated your situation to a banking specialist who will be reaching out. Thank you for taking the time to post. Wishing your son a swift and safe return home from deployment.