I really enjoy the benefits I have using USAA. I understand that updates and changes must be done to be competitive. I strongly believe removing the option of choosing a different style Debit/ATM card was not the greatest choice. I believe many users have surpassed the option by using sharpies or other gadgets to differentiate one account from the other. (Which speaks of the resilience of your members.) However, if members can choose credit card options I believe the same should be for debit card options. It can be a very frustrating and a nerve racking experience for a member of they just so happen to use the wrong card for a particular purchase. Yes, there is a transfer option and yes, if they budget there might not be a scary issue. However, life does happen and issues arise where that technicality can wreck havoc in a member's personal budget. I have used the wrong account before and I know that feeling of anxiety all to well. The worst few minutes to experience. But, what if this member just happens to be on vacation and only wanted to use one card for security reasons. What if they just so happen to not have access to a wifi climate to make that immediate transfer?
Let's rethink the single debit card option for the near future. I'm sure a simple color option would be very sufficient for many members.




Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I have sent this over to our banking team and they surely do take the time to read ALL member feedback. Thank you again for taking the time to post in community.