I was active duty Air Force from May of 2013 to July 2013. I need to retrieve my DD214 does anyone know where the easiest place to start would be?


I believe I have seen a link on the ebenefits website
Have you tried going to the local military base in your area? The psd office can assist in getting you a new copy. If successful make sure to make multiple copies, and scan a copy to a online service like dropbox or google drive.
I was never issued a military ID because I was ELS medically discharged 7th week of BMT
There is a link on the ebenefits website to get your DD214

Try the DD-214 record book at your courthouse where you hopefully registered it when you returned to civilian life.  Otherwise try the Military Records Center in St. Louis, MO.  You can get all needed information using any search engine.




To access your DD Form 214 via the eBenefits website you need to know the following:


1. You will need valid DS Logon Level 2 credentials.


1.1. Have a valid DS Logon? - Access eBenefits here.


1.3. Need a DS Logon? - You can register here.


2. You will be accessing information (like DD Form 214) via DPRIS:




DPRIS is an electronic gateway that allows authorized users to access the Services' Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) records management systems online in a secure and efficient manner. Veterans and Service members with a valid DS Logon Level 2 credentials can access their OMPF information.




3. From the eBenifits DPRIS FAQ




How long does it take for the Services to respond to a request made through DPRIS?

A number of factors affect response time such as Service system availability, including planned and unplanned outages, and network disruptions between the Service systems and the host site. While many requests are answered in less than an hour, a request could take up to two days.




4. From the eBenifits website:




OMPF Availability via DPRIS Information
Service Branch - Discharge/Retirement Cutoff Date
USAF (Air Force)  - 1 October 2004
USMC (Marine Corps) - 1 January 1999
USN (Navy) - 1 January 1995
USA (Army) - 1 October 1994
USCG (Coast Guard) - Not available via DPRIS at this time
The dates mentioned for each of the Military Services represent the dates they completed scanning their OMPF Information into their unique OMPF repository systems. If your discharge or retirement is close to these dates you may want to check and see if your OMPF information is available. Otherwise you will need to go to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, MO for your OMPF information.

You can provide a request to NPRC by:

    Completing a Standard Form 180, available here
    Accessing the NPRC site and filling out an online application here




Hope this helps someone.