I am currently stationed in South Korea and for the last 12 years I have been very happy with USAA.  Now that I am here I am having all kinds of customer service problems with the company.  They are very hard to reach either by phone or e-mail mostly due to the time zone differences but also due to the high cost of international calls.  I am having problems with their website because of the foriegn IP address flags all of USAA's security measures so they want to verify your identity with a mobile phone but then you can't use an international number to do it.  What sense does that make, USAA knows I am in Korea, yet I can't perform certain functions on  the website from Korea, and then they want an American cell phone to verify who I am.  You would think for a Military friendly company they could do a better job for their people overseas.


Hi 88mike,


I am sorry to hear that your are having these troubles. I have passed this over to our bank team and they will be reaching out to assist. Thank you, Happy Holidays.

I am stationed over here also and haven't had those issues with login. I use my phone and Wi-Fi from the house to login.

I can attest to what you are saying about this new mobile verification, because it to has made me so angry with USAA, this was a first for me after 17+ years, and security verification has been great, and there was no unequal service to membership anywhere, secure access was great, and I find it hard to believe that these overnight changes were made with consideration to members deployed, and or serving abroad.



Same with me I'm currently in Afghanistan and they want to verify with my phone in the states even though I told them my phone has been disconnected because of deployment .

Hi Ras sambad,

Thank you for posting in the Community. According to our records, a representative contacted you via Member Message on 04/26/2016. Please refer to your Bank Point of Contact for additional questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you to resolve this matter.