Love USAA hate creditwise need to give accurate FICO score 70 points different between true FICO and Creditwise. But other then that USAA lives up to their hype.


Hi beagleman. We currently do not have a partnership with Creditwise. While I understand that having an accurate credit score is important, you may consider signing up for CreditCheck® & ID Monitor. This service is provided by, an Experian® company. Please use keywords "Credit Check" or "Credit Monitoring" in the search field above to learn more. Thank you. - Ben


Capitol One has Creditwise and you are correct that the score is outdated. Ben provided some good options. Carrie

Don't listen to USAA sending you to a pay site.  Many credit cards do it free:  Chase, AMEX, Barclay, Discover, etc. True FICO!


Some only do it online.  Ask your CC companies.