I have been a USAA member since around 1969. I have had an Eagle Rewards card for many years.  The annual fee is now $49 which was posted on my December statement. I decided to switch to a card with no fee so I opened a new USAA credit card and closed the old rewards card. After 2 phone calls, many holds, and an online “chat” I cannot seem to get that $49 fee removed from my card. I was told that NO ONE at USAA has to power to do this. This does not seem to be correct. The fee is for card membership for the upcoming year and I have cancelled the card. I have had annual fees waived on numerous occasions at other institutions because they wanted to keep my business. Those banks even let me keep the card at the same award level. In my opinion, USAA customer support level has greatly declined over the past few years. Like many others, my family and I are rethinking our insurance and banking choices.


Hello @Ski girl. As a long time member I do understand your concerns with us not being able to refund this fee to you. I have forwarded your feedback regarding this for further review. -Colleen

Hi, please let us know the outcome of your request and pending potential resolution. Thanks!

Credit cards are serviced by any number of companies in Wilmington, DE.  So, it's kind of like dealing with any company that has subcontractors to do some of the grunt work.  A bit of "It's not my job.  Talk to those guys."  Check your card Agreement to see about how to proceed with a complaint or grievance.

Hello @robdhubb. I will forward your feedback regarding our credit cards. -Colleen