Young soldiers whom are banking with USAA keep track of your credit score. I try to get USAA to pick me up for car payments but my score was to low. I try three time and was denied by the very same bank I have been banking with for over 15 yrs and still got denied. I just want to say check your credit score if you ever want USAA to pick you up for a house, car or what ever you need in the future you will never know.


I was denied several times by USAA trying to get a credit card. And your right it was always my credit score was not high enough even though the know how much money you make and the term if your enlistment. But, now look at God I can get whomever I choose to finances a home.

I can't believe what I am reading....negative comments about USAA...when did these start happening....JUST SAY IT AINT SO......


have always been the "BEST" except one time and that in the scheme of things was not bad.....

I agree...though my credit isn't bad and considered average, I USAA seems pretty strict on loans and credit approvals. Most places that give a hard time sometimes don't go by points, they look for history and if your score is good (675-700) but with minimal history, it's not easy to get approved for much either.
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