Contract on post nursing jobs for military wives

My daughter in law is a nurse moving from the NW to Colorado w/our 3 grandkids while our son is overseas. One of our neighbors, an ER nurse, told us that her friends in Hawaii who were military wivesnurses were able to go on USAA (somewhere on a site) & find out about CONTRACTOR hospital Jobs, work for the Army @ the in the Post Hospitals (gettng great benefitson their own). If well educated, they'd start as officers. It sounded wild...& we can't find anything on USAA about this, so wondering if true or she had some wrong info? Anyone aware of these contract jobs? Thanks...(:


Hi Auntiem, Thanks for posting. I understand that your daughter in law is a nurse and looking for a hospital job for the government. Regrettably, we do not a job search on our website for federal or government positions. Since she's looking for a hospital government job, she may want to look at (please note that USAA is not responsible or maintains content for that site).  I hope this helps. - Ben