I've been happy with USAA since 1990, this is the first time I have seen them completely fail. My daughter is a rising senior in college. Since she has an internship this summer she applied for a student credit card in order to pay for her lodging, groceries etc. after first being run around for 3 weeks we today get told they sent her a letter on the 28th (after she moved out of her dorm) saying the application was incomplete ... This was after calling every other day for 23 weeks!

When we asked what was lacking all we get is it was the reporting agency that said it was, she has no credit! No debt, this is her 1st card, we pay sll her bills, and her address is a dorm! And I won't even start talking about the difficulties of an Alaskan family stationed in VA with a daughter going yo school in IN....

Now dhe is stuck in Illinois with no card and bills due...the only advice your call center can give is "resubmit"

Total fail ... Thanks


I guess I don't see why it's USAA's fault that your daughter moved out of a dorm and didn't get a letter they sent her. Did your daughter file a change of address card with the USPS? If so, they (not USAA) should be held accountable for your daughter not getting the notification. I'm also pretty sure that you're not the first family from one state, stationed in another state, with a child going to school in yet a third state, so I don't really see the correlation as to why that's even relevant to your assumption that USAA has failed you (or your daughter). If you pay all her bills, shouldn't YOU just get a credit card in your name, since you already have credit established, and then just add her as an authorized card holder on the account and let her be the only one that uses it, while having the bill (that you pay anyway) sent to you? I can understand your frustrations, but I think you're going a little overboard by calling out USAA with the whole "total fail" proclamation, espeically if your daughter failed to submit a change of address form for her mail, when she knew she was leaving the dorms.

With all the differnt ways to keep in contact thru smart phone , Tabs,laptops, an Pc,s do not blame USAA member since 1980........