My husband just retired from the military and we are looking into new dental insurance plans. Through the USAA website, CIGNA offers 3 plans: preventive, 1000 and 1500. All three plans say they only include one routine exam and cleaning per calendar year. When I called a representative/salesperson at the number listed on the site, I was told that all plans actually cover two routine exams and cleanings per calendar year, despite what was listed in the plan detail section.


So, I would appreciate some clarification as to what the plans actually cover. Is it one or two exam(s) with cleaning per calendar year?



Mrs Retirement is Great




Mjjarich - Much of the information under the plan detail section references services in 6 month periods. The routine cleaning and oral exams are one 1 per consecutive 6 month period or twice per year. The routine X-Rays are 1 set per consecutive 12 month period. We hope this clears up any confusion. 

Thank you--that does clear up the confusion.


To help other customers avoid this same confusion, it would be worth revising the detail section because right now it states: "Oral Exams--1 per person per calendar year." Same for routine cleanings. I don't see anywhere that it references 6 months time segments but I'm glad to know that is what is meant.



Thank you for your feedback. As requested we will ensure our team reviews the information you have provided for potential clarification to help additional members. Please note, due to the volume of feedback received from members we are unable to notify each member individually if an idea or comment results in a direct change; however your concerns and feedback have been shared. 

To follow up on this discussion--despite your reassurance that the dental insurance covers cleanings twice per year, that turned out to be incorrect. I just got off the phone with a CIGNA representative whom I had to call about a bill we were surprised to receive. She told me that the CIGNA plan only covers cleanings once per year, which is not in keeping with standard recommendations for dental preventive care. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with someone from the USAA customer service department about this issue since the incorrect guidance I received resulted in my family getting signed up for inadequate care. 


Thank you for your post and the opportunity to address your concerns. I'm engaging a subject matter expert to reach out to you. -Paula

Thank you, Paula. I look forward to finding a solution to this problem.