I retired in 1998 and turned down a great job with a military contract company and instead, moved our family, so my wife and our girls could be close to her parents. I proceeded to buy a home without a job and hunted for work. Two months later...no job and I really worked hard at it! So...I sucked up my pride and drove down our main road and got hired selling cars. Car salesman...dang...I couldn't believe it! But...that's what a husband and father does, to take care of his family!

After my first full year, I was the top sales puke for 3 dealerships and top in sales for five straight! $171k my first year was worth it, but I worked my butt off! The Infantry and Rangers does that to a guy...just saying. Worked 4 more years in management and was hired to start and build a national company from scratch. I figured in time, I would have better hours and weekends off with the family.

Boy...was I wrong! It wasn't long and I almost broke even the first year. Seven years later, the company was killing it. I had a botched surgery and had to retire for good, but I loved running that company!

I spent untold hours trying to get military folks a career and it worked great! That company is NationalTestingNetwork.com. You can test both computer based and physical testing for Firefighter, Police, Sheriff, or Corrections. Everything is on the site. Read all instructions carefully and you can test in Washington State for jobs in other states, etc. Check it out, as a viable option! Check out all your options! 😊