Well, glad I checked the customer forum. Looks like we'll be down to one vehicle, our truck which seats 3, while our 5-passenger car sits at the Mazda dealership like it has for the past two weeks. It seems that replacing the computer in ours is not only expensive, but involves it being on back-order for an indefinite period of time. The dealer doesn't have a loaner program & suggested checking w/ our auto insurer. Too late to call today & searched the forums. As of Dec. 2014, two customers had posted that USAA doesn't do rentals involving non-collision issues. Guess I should've wrecked it before the computer crapped out, but since I haven't had an accident in over 10 years...not trying to start now *sigh* Great. Glad I pay all this money & never use it or get anything in return. Guess we'll be stuck w/ me having to ride my motorcycle to work in Feb & using our truck to get 3 out of 4 of us to & fro. Amazing. 




What your looking for is Breakdown Insurance or Extended Vehicle Protection (which USAA offers).  They normally have some type of substitute transportation benefit.




Normal Auto Insurance doesn't cover rental vehicles, unless you add it on for covered claims.