My husband and I were at Fort Benning, GA for just over a year. While there we both registered our cars in GA (we now have GA plates) and have GA car insurance through USAA. We just moved to Fort Campbell. Our home address is in KY now. Is it required that we get KY insurance now? Do we need to switch our plates over to KY ones or can we wait til our GA ones expire and then switch them over? If we can wait to register our cars in KY do we also wait to get KY insurance? I've tried to read the website and it is so confusing! Thanks. 




I would recommend contacting the legal office on Fort Campbell.  They are a better source for this type of information.

Dear lweskamp,

This depends! Which state do you claim permanent residency? Beaucse of the Military Residency relief act you may choose to have your cars registered in the state you plan to one day have permanent residence. For example, my husband is stationed in California, but we both claim residency in Texas, so we hold Texas drivers licenses and our cars are registered in Texas (we do however let USAA know we need insurance for dirving our vehicles in California).


Al you need to do at this point is call USAA to let them you know have a change of address, they will make the necessary changes to your insurance for you. The changing of plates is up to you! I encourage you to read up a bit on the recidency relief act! Good luck at your new duty station!