I have a brother who is interested in signing up with USAA, can he under my membership?


Yes your brother can join.all civilians can get a checking and savings with usaa without a family member being in the services.the extra services just arent available to them

I thought that recently changed (or changed back) so that you had to have some connection. 

Can siblings also get home/auto insurance coverage?


You are correct. Found this here and here (while surfing web for answers).




USAA Federal Savings Bank, effective to August 27, 2013, closed all membership to non veterans.


In other words, unless you can connect yourself to someone in your family or have some form of military service (as defined by USAA), you cannot be a member. Back to the fall of 2009 it was that way and even restrictive to military personnel.


If you are a member of USAA as a non veteran you can remain a member as long as you have active account(s), except you cannot participate in property and casualty products. All other military based memberships remain unchanged


This information came directly from USAA Federal Savings Bank at 9:05 a.m. CDT, Tuesday, September 3, 2013.




Seems that USAA now follows the SAME MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS as for their Insurance Products which can be found here.






Find out if you're eligible for USAA membership in a few easy steps.


Hope this helps.