I am a USAA CIC member (4th generation USAA) due to my father's Army career, and my children have inherited this eligibility as well. 


My son is now 18 and is a USMC Poolee, expecting to attend basic training at Parris Island from late July. What, if anything, will he need to do to "convert" his membership from CIC to active duty? Will he be able to retain his account numbers and history with USAA?


Anything else I'm missing?


Thanks in advance!


He's going to get scr*wed on the transition with USAA. Congratulations by the way, it's great your son has decided to serve, just remember, the whole caring about military members that USAA promotes is just a marketing ploy, they're just the others, indistinguishable differences.

Hi 30Mauser,

Thank you for your questions. What an exciting time for your son. I encourage your son to call us 1-800-531-8722 so we can update his Profile Info which includes his military details/status.
Thank you!


Thanks for the phone number, but could you please also respond to my questions so we know what to expect?


For example, my credit, insurance rates, loan rates, etc. are very favorable. I understand that as a 18-year-old man, his ratings will not immediately be so favorable, but I want to know if he will see any "demotions" in treatment as an E-1/E-2 that he wouldn't see if he were just going off to college as an 18-year-old CIC member.


Can you provide some insight into this concern?