I had valuable personal property stolen. When I tried to make a claim, USAA said "you are not covered because we canceled your service."


I would like to have known my services were canceled but I was on a military deployment. I never received a certified letter, no email, no phone calls, nothing.


I presumed USAA would take care of a 8 year customer but they like to keep my money and not back their promise. USAA said they will take care of me if I paid the overdue amount, and reinstated my policy. So I did, I paid what I needed to, and reinstated my policy on 15SEP2015, which is when I got back from my deployment.

However because the valuable personal property was stolen on 14SEP2015; before my reinstated policy, USAA said you are not covered and they will not do anything to cover the loss. So I am wondering, WHY did you tell me you would cover the loss, then LIE to me, and my wife.


I submitted my complaint to the Better Business Bureau, and USAA said "I am responding to your submission regarding personal property coverage for your claims. Garrett Bonillas, of our staff, completed another thorough review of your concerns; however, there has been no change in our coverage decision"


The only way for them to retract their decision is to file it with the Department of Insurance in your state. They don't care about BBB complaints. DOI complaints are a big deal

(A former employee)

Dear Alexv616,


Thank you for commenting in the community. I have passed along your feedback to our insurance partners for review. Thank you.