Have any of you went over seas.had your spouse turn bi and a swinger.tell you bout it.send you pics.knowing it was killing you.then you come home have to divorce her cuz she wont give up her lifestyle.get custody of your girls.raise them alone all the while your once loving wife has turned into a hate filled monster.then after battle after battle she makes up a horrid lie and you go to prison for over 6 years.you tried to fight it in court.but your court appointed lawer refused to do anything to defend you.have any of you been thru that?can anyone help me?please.


My husband turned bi. On me while I was in Desert Storm. I just gave up. He n my dad tried to take my kids n put me in prison for a long time. They didn't succeed at either. I feel your pain. Life does get better.
Any particular reason that you put Your in prison
After i divorced her and got custody of my girls she became volatile.4 or 5 times she would get them for a visit refuse to give them back then shed put a restrainin order on me.wed go ro court and the judge would see it for the bs it was and drop it.she wanted to get the girls back without goin thru the proper channels.after i ran outta money and could no longer afford an attorney she said i touched my daughter.the court appointed lawyer i got refused to let me take a polygraph.refused to talk to the counslers i had been taken my girls to once a week for months.and refused to bring in any kind of experts.so i went to prison.i came home from afghanistan needin my wife.i got this instead.shoulda died over there.i have since then passed 2 polygraphs.yet no one seems to care much.the oregon innocence project may take my case but im not hopeful.my girls tell people that i didnt do anything.that they loved livin with me.they have gone thru so much.im not done fightin till i clear my name.but im so tired.feel so very alone.ive got great family support.but its not enough...not for this.i even tried a gofund me page.but no one seems to care.