Totally agree with the USAA members that want to protest the NFL; as a retired AF officer of 30 years, I will never watch another NFL game in my remaining years.  I've watched the Saints from the beginning of the franchise.  Now its over!  The total disrespect by the Commissioner, the Players, and the Owners towards the fans and all the veterans across this great country  is totally unacceptable.  In addition, it sickens me to see that the leadership at the top of USAA does not have the spine to do what is right with regards to this issue; it's simple: USAA must walk away from the NFL.  Nowadays, a USAA commercial upsets me, and I simply turn the channel. I've always thought of the company as a "patriotic" member of society, and truly represented the values its' military members.  The current USAA leadership has proven me wrong; what a sad day!