Wow, I am not a sports fan but if it is true that USAA is still supporting this NFL group of teams that take a knee when our national anthem is played, Wow....I am from a proud of America military family and joined this bank and services that support and assist military families and USAA os still a sponsor? Our military have fought for the right to fly our flag, sing our anthem and say our pledge to our country without these disrespectful displays of self proclaiming actions on our national stages and gatherings being accepted and catered too! My dad was wounded on the beach at Normandy D-day invasian and many buddies did not come back! Nothing has changed, our flags continue to cover coffins returning to our nation, PTSD, Suicides and lack of medical help has been rampant. NFL does not deserve the support of USAA so long as managers and owners are buckeling to these disrespectful delf-serving displays across our nation in the NFL or any other organization supporting this!


Agreed. USAA supporting those who would show disrespect as blatantly as members of the NFL have, leaves me wondering if I need to stay with USAA.
I agree
I agree. USAA please comment.

Yes, USAA must stop supporting this foolishness or I (after 25+yrs) will be forced to stop supporting them.


If this is a member lead organization then at the very least can we get a vote on it?  What do we need to do to have it taken to a ballot?


If leadership does want to continue to take the money of patriots to give to these disrespectful millionare punks then I would like to know, by name, who is voting to spend OUR money this way so we can seek their removal from the leadership position which they are obviously failing us.


USAA- please respond, or better yet ACT to cut your ties with the NFL!

For me USAA continuing to partner in any way with the NFL is most assuredly a deciding factor in how much I continue to do business with USAA. My father, a Vietnam veteran, has allready discontinued any business relations with USAA. Both my brothers and I (all veterans) will also cease doing business with USAA if something is not done, and SOON. If money is all you will hear, then we will be happy to take it away.

I agree. The NFL doesn't add anything to USAA and their latest antics certainly detract.

USAA.... please stop sponsorship with the NFL immediatly.   They're disrespting those that have served, died and seriously wounded serving our Great nation.   This is the ultimate sign of disrespect.


We in the miltary have served for these freedoms.  But we also have the right to disagree with your message and not let our pocketbook endorse it.  I cant allow my pocketbook endorse an organization (NFL) that allows the ulimate sign of disrespect to the DOD Fallen and wounded and people that have served.


Please review immediatly your sponsorship and let all members know what direction USAA will proceed with.   I need to know if I need to end an approximately 20 year relationship with USAA and look for another Banking company that is more in line with my personal beliefs and Freedoms.

Good to see so other USAA members are as upset as I am with their continued sponsorship of the NFL. Very upsetting to me what went on today. With the exception of the player from the Pittsburgh Steelers today, a veteran who served his country, I have no respect for any NFL player who did not stand and honor our country. These players would not have the opportunity they have today if it weren't for all those who manned a post, and fought for their freedom.


As big a pain as it is to move banks and insurance companies, I am prepared to do just that if USAA does not discontinue their support of the NFL.


God Bless America.

 I am done as well.  Will watch how things shake out the next few weeks.  I have been a USAA member along with my wife for over 34 years but if the sponsorship of this disrespect continues I can take all my money and insurance needs somewhere else. 

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