Beware of Unitedhealthcare, the agency that won the contract over Tricare for providing military members health insurance coverage.


Sending them a form to cancel your subscription for their services is the only way to stop your contract. I attempted this step and their system failed to remove me. I didn't catch the bill constantly hitting my checking account because the name and amount looked very similar to another bill I had.


I estimate about $2750 was wrongfully charged to my account before I noticed and created chargebacks for all the payments I could. Calling their customer support was not effective, all I received from the person I spoke to were instructions on mailing in another form - a process for which I've already lost confidence - to cancel my account.


It wasn't until I took to Twitter and Facebook that I received any helpful correspondence. I spoke with another person, whom was unable to locate my account. I'm currently standing by for a call back from that individual while they do some further investigation in to why I've been billed all these years.


My hypothesis for what occurred is that the changeover from Tricare to Unitedhealthcare fubar'd some customer information. Time will tell.


Thanks for reading.