how should I measure my tub. The drain is in the center? I get 34 1/4 width and 59 3/4 length. Can I fit a 60 length and 35 base in? I am not very handy any help can help thanks


Hi agonzalez1976,


I personally am not a very handy person at all. However, I am a very visual person and once you show me how to do it, I am usually okay. :-)


This video seems pretty helpful in explaining how to get the right measurements. Or you can click on this post here, where it breaks it down in 5 steps.


Hope this helps!

Depending on whether the walls are in when you measured a standard length will be just less than 60". It will fit the rough opening of 60". For the depth if the wall/tile is still in the depth will be 34-1/4" + 3/4" for the wall = 35".



 Thank you for  all the hints.