I never served in the military. I work with UPS and we have a strong reputation of employing vets...I personally have hired many. I joined USAA during an open enrollment period for non military persons only to find that I have "limited membership". I can't even use the mobile deposit check feature. I believe that your company is doing me and all other non-military persons an injustice by inviting us to place our hard earned money with you and then not affording us the same "banking" services offered to military members. I hope that you correct this imbalance. I know USAA is an equal opportunity employer. If I was an employee of USAA without a military background would I be able enjoy the same banking benefits as a member with a military background?


Stop complaining! You didn't serve and didn't earn the privledges of military banking. Be happy your even allowed to use this. Typical civilians
I agree with you. if they are going to have open enrollment, they should afford you the same usage of ALL services as they afford us. I bet they're using your money the same way that they are using ours. I feel like that's a legitimate complaint. Rbeary08, that's not right and you know it!

Well said MaQ.

We are active duty and or veterans , usaa primarily deals with us and our financed they are a primary military bank knuckle head

I'm sorry, but I must also disagree.


In many companies that provide different types, and levels, of benefits/services; there are criteria that you must qualify for to be eligible.


Even though you were able to join the USAA family, you do not have the criteria of have a military background, and therefore are not eligible to qualify for that level of benefit/service. 

Gotta be honest. I have never heard of open enrollment before and this has been a fear of mine.  I personally feel that the service levels have changed and I have told them the same to their face (on the phone) when I got a call last time I was prepared to leave for other options.  USAA is not a discount insurer and I have no problem paying a premium for service. However, I do believe that they have followed the corporate model of quantity over quality and profits over people.  The proof is in the pudding and the rest is all lies and propaganda.  With all of the tv commercials, and now open enrollment (?), I believe they have outgrown the business model that worked for years and they have steadily declined over the last few years. For all of those who have been customers for longer than 3-5 years, you probably agree with what I have said. The level of service in the past was unmatched by anyone, and this is a true trajedy.