So a tip for all of you that may be planning on booking a cruise through them.  Get Onboard Ship Credit, thought we were getting a good deal by getting the vouchers for dining, spa, drinks.  Spent multiple hours just getting the right vouchers and then when we got to the ship not all of them were on the manifest.  So now spending more hours of my time getting that straightened out.  Next time I will book through my Costco Travel benefits and just get the shipboard credit to pay for things myself.  


Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you had a poor experience redeeming your vouchers. Your feedback is important, and we will share this with our specialist who works with the Explore Cruise program and have them contact you by phone.

Dear Arago,

I was made aware that you were to speak with a representative and I wanted to check in and see that this issues has been resolved to your satisfaction. Please let us know. Thank you!