Fokes I'm telling you as a retie that USAA doesn't have the best interest for you ... thay want you to owe them financially .... the minute you play your bills and reduce what you owe to them they find ways to screw with your credit score by reducing your credit card turn your interest rate and they do it without even telling you send you letters after they've already made changes to your account that's bad business folks ... They say they care about your family but they make these changes right before things like family vacations reducing your ability to enjoy yourself with the credit or loan that you've already set forth for your vacation and then they tell you oh we made those changes and you should get the letter next week that's bad business folks


Retired, it is fairly standard practice for credit card issuers to adjust credit limits up or down depending on either an individual's financial situation or as a result of the current economic climate (i.e. 2008).


There is no requirement of advance notifications of credit limit changes, it would actually be counter productive, so you will not find many issuers that will.  You can set your document preferences in your USAA account to receive these online rather than via snail mail.

DSTEXAS look i get that you work for Usaa spreading propaganda but what I don't understand is if I'm paying my bills on time every month by the month then there's no reason why you should reduce my credit limit the only way I see that you would reduce somebody's credit limit is to increase the debt ratio that lowers peoples credit scores therefore making them not able to sustain a good credit score making them beholden unto USAA .... so if you're going to speak for usaa speak then tell the truth don't speak Policy because Policy lie they're made for the company by the company to hold people in place .... People should Usaa more Usaa needs them last time I checked .... Serive Company not Collection Agency ... protector of militray family ... yeah right ... keep selling us down the river .... and really how do you Usaa execpt to keep business by not talking to your customers until after the fact what's that say about your care of your customers that you can make changes to their accounts and their lives and oh by the way we ain't gotta tell you ... just figure it out when you log on



If your credit is good, then just apply for another credit card somewhere (barcleycard has a pretty good interest rate if you qualify) and that will solve your issue.  More than like it isn't and that is why your limit is being reduced.


It is extremely difficult understanding the meaning of what you are writing when done in a run-on sentence.

Why should I have to apply ... You tell what company that rush me a credit card on a Sunday before my trip family trip on a Monday ... If you let someone know what your doing then we can plan for better result something i learned in the military... which you guys claim to be work with and for .... i don't know any business that what to keep customers that do the stuff you guys do and then say we support our military member ... i get the adjusting of the credit limit .... heck im even fine with it ... but what i dont get is why be sneaky and sly about it ... then say thing like well other company do it .... thought you guy setting the standard not following the leader ... You just showed all us members your company lack of compassion for its members and showed us the reason why the old mighty buck will always win out ... so my family isnt good enough when Usaa benefits ... O by the way i read somewhere on Usaa that it's bad for members to have a lot open credit card accounts ... guess I'll close this and find a company that will not do underhanded stuff ... shame on you for showing your lack of concern toward me and my family

Dear RetiredMan2013,

I am so sorry to hear you have been unhappy. I appreciate you taking the time to post here and share your expereience. I have sent your concerns to our banking edepartment for further review. Thank you.