got into a car accident with my daughter in the car. A 61yr lady backed into us and I didn't even get a chance to get the keys into the ignition POW! $&@-. I am thinking to myself I did great by buy the $2000 medical and extended benefits for the wage earner they supposed to pay you 500 a month plus $45 person to come and do things I wasn't able to do. Well, I got two months this accident happened in dec14. Then they sent out papers for the doctor to fill out things and they want to have a reason from your job hr dept or whoever why they weren't able to accommodate you at work. I am a fed employee and they looked at the paper and laughed! They told me that they didn't have to provide sensitive but classified documents as those. Let her speak to someone at the job the union and he tried to tell them that they don't those type of thing unless subpoena but, he can provide her with a certified statement on what my status is at work. Status Lwop/AWOL. They have all the documentation from the every time I go and also send a copy of the memo I have to provide to my job.that is not sufficient enough. Why pay for a service you can't use. Plus the lead team member is straight up pos. after all that talking to the rep she said you can send it in and we will look it and make a determination if I should be awarded what's owed to me. Plus the accident was in dec 2014 here it is September and I have exhausted my monies. 500 might not seem like a lot is but, for


Dear Holdmyown,


I am sorry to hear of your accident, very scary especially having your daughter with you. I am glad you are both okay.


Your comment got cut off on the bottom, so I wasn't sure how this ended for you. Please let me know how we can help, is there anything we are able to do? Thank you for posting in community.

I haven't gotten any monies. 2 checks that was it in January ,it is now September. I purchased filet minon and got a glazed turkey butt. Way to go USAA...might. Need to check into Gieco. No hassles. Here lizard,lizard....