Typically I call USAA and have had great customer service.  This time I called during my down time on a deployment to fix some issues I was having with my homeowners policy and the fact that I had originally changed from a homeowners to a rental property policy.  I called because I will no longer be renting the house out and plan on moving back in upon return from this depolyment.  I figured this would be an easy change.  I was sorely mistaken.  I got so frustrated with the first person I called that I asked to speak with a supervisor, who I never got the chance to talk with after a 20 minute hold the phone cut me off.  Second time I called back to see if I could get someone who could actually help me.  Again they must read off of a script and was told that they could not modify my poilcy.  I was unaware that I as the consumer was to be told no.  I then asked to speak with a supervisor and it again took him 20 minutes to materialise on the phone.  He in turned talked me into circles and I came to the following conclusion.  This supervisor care one bit about my needs as a deployed single homeowner and was unwilling to do anything with a policy that I wanted to change.  

Out of this conclusion I came to this fact that USAA charged me 3x the amount of my original policy when I changed it to a rental policy and has no other way of reducing that amount if it is unoccupied.  I asked this person what coverage was changed to make this so expensive.  He said that the coverage was virtually the same but that my orginal (cheaper) policy covered personal property.  I said hold on.  I am paying 3x the amount and the coverage is actually less than what I have before.  I couldnt believe what I was hearing to I repeated it at least 4 more time, each time getting more and more frustrated.  I then just finally said you know what it is clear that this company doesnt want to continue helping me with my financial needs and will look elsewhere.  I found a competitors website and got a quote coming in at 1/3 less for my needs and now I am considering changing financial institutions becasue these 3 guys have soured my experience.


Hey, you'd be nuts not to get 3 quotes for insurance every year anyway! I also left USAA because of poor service. 


17 CU, I cannot apologize enough for your experience. As a community manager, I don't have access to member information, however I can put you contact with a representative so that we pursue all available options. As such, we ask that you please click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. Based on your connectivity, you can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you for reaching out here in the community. We hope to hear from you soon.