USAA sent me a letter months ago before my son got his permit, it said if I added him to my policy now my rates would not increase when he gets his license. Trick or treat, when I called to add him , my policy almost doubled in cost. So I guess I got tricked.


Hi RJ and NIta,

I have shared your comments with out insurance department who will be reviewing your policy and situation. Thank you for taking the time to post. T

RJ and Nita. My daughter recently got her learners permit, and I added her to our policy at no additional cost / premium. USAAdid inform me when she earns her license it would result in a premium increase.

All three sons - learners permit - no increase. All three sons - drivers license and car - BIG increase. Not sure what you told USAA because you used the word "permit" - that means different things to different people. Please clarify.