I recently renewed our auto policy at a decent premium quote. Only later to find out that USAA increased that same policy without my knowledge about $44 and some change. Or as the rep responded, "I understand your concern regarding your renewal policy premium increase of $44.47 or approximately $7.41 per month." There's several things I find disgruntled about. One, I wasn't notified about the increase and wasn't the amount quoted I received and agreed upon from USAA. Secondly, "....or approximately $7.41 per month." I find that a cheap way of trying to say the increase is only $7.41 per month. It's bad customer service when you're not notified about the increase and not the premium amount quoted. I believe USAA should honor the quote for my new auto insurance policy. I would have to think I would be in "better hands" with another company.


Yes, I received our new premium and a couple of weeks later they included a $95.00 Renewal Premium charge...have ever intention of finding out why.  Not good business

I would shop around. I found out it might be cheaper elsewhere. I recently looked and found a quote for about 260.00 cheaper with same full coverage figures on two vehicles. One new truck and a '07. I had with USAA. It was also a bigger company. Not going to mention their name but it only took me about 15 min. Asked usaa rep why was my premium so high compared to the other company and couldn't get a straight forward answer just a bunch of factors that could have played a role. I have been with them for about 15 years. Great driving record too. Now I guess I must move on...