Army Strong 2016! Have question about student loan repayment and GI bill.

Dear Everyone,


My name is Lee. I am a new enlisted army reservist. I have question about how to use the GI bill and student loan repayment. I got Gi bill kicker 350 and a 30000 student loan repayment. I do not know how to apply student loan and how to use the benefit to use the student loan repayment. Where could I know this informtion from.


I am a graudate student now and I will be shiped to training on Jan-17th 2017. After June-2017 I will get my citizenship and I believe it will be eligible to apply for student loan.


Does anyone know how to solve my issue? 


Best regards.





We appreciate you taking the time to post your question in the Community. Once you are ready to apply for a student loan, USAA can assist. Additionally, we can provide financial guidance and savings advice. If you have any questions about these USAA services, please contact us at 1-800-531-8722.


We appreciate your dedication and service to our country.