I am in a similar situation. I was hit on 4/22, & I feel as if I am having to do all the work. I only hear (via email) when I initiate a conversation.
I was told last week that USAA did not have the report yet. I offered to send the copy I had in my possession for over a week & a half. Miraculously, a police report appeared in their possession within a few hours. The police report clearly states the other driver was at fault, yet I'm still driving a wrecked, leaky car (ruined a dress) & waiting on another insurance company to accept liability. I have to open my driver's side door from the outside by rolling my window whilst in the vehicle- unacceptable & dangerous.I could pay the deductible, but again, I was not at fault. Many insurance companies waive the deductible because they have the right to sue the other motorist's insurance.
...One more week, and I may speak to an attorney. Ridiculous. I am terribly disappointed & frustrated.


Dear tweacher,

We are so very sorry you were in an accident and so glad you were uninjured. I have escalated your comments and a member service representative should be reaching out shortly. Thank you.



Insurance companies do not waive deductibles.  


Normally if the other party is at fault you have the choice of filing a third party claim against the other driver's insurance to have your vehicle repaired (without a deductible).  Or you can choose to have your insurance do the repairs minus the deductible, which they will then attempt to recoup from the other insurance company (normally through subrogation),  If they are successful, your deductible would be reimburse.

Insurance companies do indeed 'waive' deductibles when another party is at fault because they recoup the cost from the other driver's insurance. Thank you for the response, but I expect USAA to be able to handle this. If they cannot, they need to revise the instructions for filing a claim.

Sorry, Tweacher, but that is not how it works.  Feel free to link me to an article that states an insurance company will pay your deductible prior to subrogation.


What to do after a car accident that's not your fault

Also, this Q&A might help you understand why your insurance company will require you pay the deductible until fault is determined and accepted.

I should warn you that just because the police report faults the other driver, that may or may not be how the insurance companies determine fault.   Like with a court of law, that would just one piece of evidence considered. See above article.


Hopefully it works out for you.



Like most insureds many people read the policy and assume events after an accident will be more black and white than what really happens. And what really happens many times is the result of attorneys negotiating a deal/payout. USAA did place an explanation into the current auto policies reminding the insured of the need for the insured to be their own advocate after an accident with an uninsured. USAA clearly stated they may actually act as though they work for the uninsured which puts the burden of proof on the USAA insured. That's the way auto insurance works. It is not consistent with the warm fuzzy ad campaigns. Insurance companies loudly complain about attorneys getting rich from such practices but the blame for the status quo is the fault of the insurance companies and the way they do business. Regarding insurance companies not agreeing with a police report's judgement of accident fault, an alternative decision by an insurance company of blame places the insurance companies above the law until the insured hauls the company into court which, the insurance companies are well aware, is something most insureds cannot afford, so the consumer usually has to accept what he is offered which is, many times, not consistent in his view with his policy.
...meanwhile, a lot of flag waving and patriotic verve is blown across the airwaves for this American way.
That helpful link is not available as of a.m. May 11, 2015.
I have done my research and have found several sites which support what DSTexas states & also several which state the opposing view (which would be the one I hold.) Statistics & opinions can be skewed whatever manner a person chooses. Hopefully, USAA will handle this matter posthaste in a manner that I expect.
I have no issue filing a third-party claim, but that information should be listed in the directives. It is not. When I called in the minutes after the crash, the representative assured me that this would be taken care of in a timely manner. Maybe 'timely' has become a term of relativity.

Happy camper. I just rec'd the call that the deductible was waived- the other driver's insurance will be billed.