My oldest daughter, whom because of my service and courage became member of USAA. But for the first time she got into trouble, she is being jerk around by an adjuster in Pennsylvania. I told her that with USAA, you do not need a lawyer, because you are dealing with honest, sincere people who treat you as family, not just an insured. 


Well she is now considering me as a lair, because of the way she is being treated. She is injured, but spending hours on the phone with no end insight.


I called today to intervene, but I was told that since my daughter is an adult (32years), I have nothing to do with her claim.


Please somebody help me, I hate to write the CEO for this at this time, but please somebody help us, my daughter is in pain in Philadelphia with three of my grandchildren.


Her claim number is 17407643-3


Thank you for reading. This is my first post, and hope it is my last.


Why hesitate to write to the CEO? He or she ought to know of problems such as these.
I wholeheartedly agree with Calexom,
Write that letter!!
Seek legal council. Do a google search. Need help try your local library. legal club of America. Stop posting here. Your welcome.