Against NFL political posturing by supporting anti US and anti U.S. Flag actions by its players

The NFL has gone on record supporting its players anti U.S. Flag and U.S. National Anthem. The "protests" are now getting out of control. USAA should not sponsor the NFL in any way until these disrespectful acts are condemned by the NFL owners and leadership.


I totally agree! As a USAA faithful member for so many years, I am asking USAA to consider withdrawing its NFL sonsonship until the players learn to respect our flag that so many servicemembers and police officers died for.
Pull your ads from the NFL.. support veterans or we will find a new insurance company!!
Please remove any sponsorships for the NFL they r not supporting our country and the men and women past or present that serve
They are slapping our veterans and servicemen in the face while there on the field during the national anthem by taking the knee.
By allowing any politics to be displayed on the field the NFL has created a situation in which supporting them is tacit approval of the politics displayed. If USAA continues to advertise w/NFL (and imply support of the politics), I will have close my accounts with USAA.
USAA is member ought to be listening to your members instead of the PC brainwashed babblespeak.

I completely agree. Many military and police have lost their lives defending this country and its people. It's time for USAA to take a stand against sponsoring the NFL until they can force their players to stop this ridiculous behavior. It's disrespectful and isn't doing a darn thing for whatever "cause" they think they're helping.


Hello Everyone.  We appreciate your thoughts and feedback. USAA advertising is intended to educate military and member prospects about USAA products and services, and is placed within programming that is popular with our military, veterans and their families. Advertising during NFL games allows USAA to reach a broad military audience, including those who are currently serving. Research indicates that 78% of active duty military are NFL fans, with 36% naming NFL as their favorite sport. We are more successful in our advertising when we target programs our members watch. Further, we have no plans to end our role as the Official Military Appreciation Sponsor of the NFL. The NFL provides a great platform through which we can raise awareness about and appreciation for America’s military and their families.  Thank you, Jen.



You should poll the military today, your numbers are last week.  I believe you will find a significant drop in military support to the NFL. 


40 Year USAA Member


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