My fellow veterans, advance auto parts is now officially giving a military discount to all our arm force members. Take advantage.


We have had MANY problems with the quality of their parts. I think O'Reilly offers a similar discount and their parts seem to hold up much better.
Pepboys, Lowe's, Home Depot, and Sears all give military discounts on every purchase you make. These are just a few that came to mind

do these discounts apply to active soldiers only or to Vets as well?  What is needed to verify your Vet status?

Different companies have different proof requirements. My personal experience is they all recognize a "VA" card. You can obtain this from your nearest VA office with a picture ID and your DD214.  Hope this helps.

Should always ask if they give a discount.  I do have to question the Sears discount - I worked there PT and we never gave a military discount.