Adding Capability to Online/Smartphone App Account Tools

I'd like to see some more capability regarding the online/smartphone app USAA account tools.  I think the current capabilities are great, especially the transaction categorization for account transactions.  However, as a simple family head I'd like to see even more practical budgeting tools, such as:


1) a digital budgeting 'envelope system', so I can a) automatically allocate a specific monthly amount to an 'envelope' and b) pull money out of this 'envelope' to pay for certain transactions.  I cannot set up My Goals to provide this capability


2) split disbursement for transactions (so I can allocate certain amounts of a transaction to different categories)


If the online/app Account Tools already has these capabilities I cannot find them.


Providing these capabilities to an already good tool would put it over the top!


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Thank you for your feedback. I will pass it through to the appropriate department. 


As of right now, I am not seeing a "split" disbursement option. If I find out otherwise, I will let you know.