Okay, my mother became a widow on January 1, 2002. My father was a U.S. Army Veteran. Okay she does not have VA benefits because she chose to have my fathers Social Security benefits. She is actually living in Puerto Rico. Mshe is planning to move very soon to Florida. Does my mother qualify to have an account in USAA bank for being a Veterans widow or can she qualify because I, her son have accounts in USAA because I am also a U.S. Army Veteran? And if so how may I help her open an account? I live in Pennsylvania may I open it for her online?


I think if you go on USAA. Com the actual website not on mobile website. You can invite family and friends that was past military there... I think when your mom makes an account it will show her your name when she signs up.. Then she can become a member also.. I hope this helps ya..
Thank you very much!!! :)
Your welcome