I live in Pittsburgh Pa in the summer and Lakeland Fl in the winter.  What places can I use for free ATM withdrawl


Hi Chispas. I live in Lakeland. There are a number of banks (53rd, SunTrust, Wells Fargo, Chase) that I use for withdrawal around town, but I mainly get cash back at Publix. The ATMs will charge you for the transaction fee, but I get that back from USAA.

I just used Chase and it cost $3, last week 5/3 same thing 3$

Try Safeway, if they are in your area.  They have an in-house ATM not affiliated with the in-house bank.  It will be green, and is provided by BBVA/Compass.  I have found them in CO, AZ, NM, TX and GA.  They have never charged me a fee.

I have found that Safeway, where they are found, has an in-store ATM, not associated with the in-house bank, that does not charge for cash withdrawals.  The ATM is provided by BBVA/Compass, but has the Safeway logo on it.  It is green in every store I have been.