Trying to see if anybody has some legal advise on this matter.  Divorced about a yr ago and agreed to let her keep the car in the divorce decree as long as all payments are made.  She has continued to be late on payments and more and more showing signs that will not keep her end of the bargain.  The loan has about $9,500 left and is in my name only.  I am deployed and DO NOT want to keep the car or make payments, but want to keep it from hampering my credit.  Need advise. 


The best thing to do is to have her refi the car in her name only. That's what I did, so that we had no property in common!! Good luck, and stay safe!

I agree with Armstrong get the note changed to her and wish her the best. If for any reason can qualify for it yet still misses or is slow in paying the payment than Repo man take it back
And sell it yourself.

Thank you both for the reponse.  I figured that would be my only course of action.  Thanks again.

Definitely get the vehicle back and sell it. I had to do the same with my ex - I had agreed he could take the vehicle and also said I would make a few of the payments for him if he was actively looking for work. Five months (and five payments) later I took it back and sold it when it became clear he wasn't interested in making payments, Your ex is in violation of her agreement to continue making payments, you are within your rights to take the vehicle, especially with the loan in your name. If it gets nasty, go back to your attorney for further advice. Good luck!