I have had an ADT-USAA contract since 2005. In 2016, I added some additional features to my system, and instead of having me sign a rider, as they had always done in the past when I upgraded the system, I apparently signed a new contract. The new contract no longer says USAA on the top, and although ADT claims I'm still getting my USAA discount, I no longer receive the expanded benefits that I used to receive under USAA (and which the ADT service tech tells me USAA customers are entitled to) such as batteries and battery changes. The tech tells me I'm not the first USAA customer to run into this problem. I can't find a listing for someone at USAA to notify of this, because if ADT is going to bait and switch with USAA customers, USAA might want to consider negotiating with a different security company. 



Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns with ADT and USAA.  I definitely want to have a specialist review the contract.  I have escalated your situation to a specialist who will be reaching out to you to address your discount and contract with ADT.   Thank you, Mike

Thank you for looking into it. I also see that the new contract locks me in to a 3 year commitment, so apprently, I lost the right to battery replacment and commited myself for 3 years for no good reason. Even if I am still getting the USAA cost savings, this is unacceptable.



I posted a few days ago about an argument I had with ADT over whether or not battery replacment was included with my USAA contract, but the matter has gone from annoying to negligent. The tech came out Wednesday and changed the battery in what he said was my smoke alarm, and the low battery signal on my console went away. Yesterday, I noticed that what he had called my smoke alarm actually had CO2 detector written on it. I called ADT and got to a voicemail, and I left a message in which I asked if I could email them a photo and if they could possibly explain to me if this was both a CO2 and a smoke alarm. They never returned my call.  This morning at 5 a.m., even though there had not been any sort of low battery alert on my console, the smoke alarm started to beep every minute because it was low, waking us all. Even at that point, there was no low battery warning on the console. We've now gone from a serivce issue to a safety issue. How can it be that a hard-wired smoke alarm doesn't send a low battery signal to the control panel when it's low? I called ADT, had them put my alarm on standby for 20 minutes, changed the battery and we all went back to sleep. When I woke up, I had a voicemail from ADT that they had not 'received a reset signal from your alarm system.' Again, there is nothing on the contol panel indicating that the system is on standby, or that a zone is bypassed. 


Thank you for reaching back out to us regarding your concerns with the contract as well as the battery replacement.  I apologize for the situation you are in with ADT. Our team who oversees ADT contracting is actively working on your case, and they are in contact with ADT's corporate office.  I have notified them of your additional concerns as well.  They will be in contact with you once they are able to resolve your concerns.  Thanks, Mike