RUN DO NOT EVER SIGN WITH THIS COMPANY-I have had NOTHING but problems FIRST of all my panel has been replaced 3 times YES three times let me tell you in not so many words "Signals" keep being sent I get calls of a break in so I fly home from work…to meet a cop at my door….but NO BREAK IN??????????  then I'm told they are erroneous signals (after I lost over $100 in pay) and they must replace the panel once replaced and its supposed tested the tech leaves (this has happened twice).. the next day Sunday I leave my house come back and I'm getting calls from ADT telling me I just sent a distress signal ARE YOU FREKING KIDDING ME...NOW because its Sunday I'm told they are going to CHARGE me to come fix THEIR mistake??????? Come again YES I'M GOING TO BE CHARGED FOR THEM TO COME FIX THEIR MISTAKE. OR I can take off of work and loose another few hundred dollars while I wait for them to come fix it on a weekday… My husband is in another country so YEP my problem to deal with along with everything else… SO nope not going to happen guess the cops will be called multiple times because of their mistake and I'm not paying the fee...ALSO a few months ago I had rented out one of my rooms and had a rep come out to tell me how I could arm my bedroom separately I thought it would be as simple as adding a sensor to my bedroom door and resetting the zones..NOPE the guy sold me on another 2 year contract good for him he got his commission. The tech not only shows up late BUT THEN goes on to tell me that all that was needed was a new sensor and to add my room as a zone…FUNNY I asked the same thing and the SALES GUY was adamant that could not be done… now I have a separate panel pay a separate fee AND A SECOND 2 year contact THEY REALLY KNOW HOW TO SCREW MILITARY PEOPLE…OH and by the way I just informed yesterday when the tech installed the “New” panel that by the way IS NOT WORKING HOW lucky I was that I’m USAA and how we get such a great privilege.. some privilege I’m so happy that because I’m a military wife home alone that I get screwed. That must be the privilege.


Maggie A,


I am sorry to hear of your experience. We surely do want to look further into this for you. Please send us an email with the details you mentions above, along with your member number to This will be forwarded to the appropriate department for review. Thank you for your comment in Community.