Here are some of my "can't live without" deployment checklist items that are not on any traditional checklist for those of you getting ready for your first deployment. If you have been through a deployment or going through one now, please feel free to add to this list:My Smart Phone, Virtual Calendar, Written Budget, a deployment goal, a clock set to the "in theater" time zone and...


For more items, check out my blog post: 'A Different Kind of Deployment Checklist' What is on your checklist?

Hi Wendy,


I am a USAA member (since 1963). I have developed personal record keeping software for our military. I call it MERKS. Military Emergency Record Keeping Software.  Take a peek at and let me know what you think. Would love your feedback.




Buzz Stevens

wow thats costly especially since it is supposed to help us out


Warren, As you might imagine I can't really recommend software systems, but I do like to share resources and it sounds like yours is very interesting. I also like to highlight military entrepreneurs and share their stories. Thanks for the comment and I'll will check it out for sure.