A Book You Do Not Want To Go Through Deployment Without...

We all have our favorite books that have helped us through the tough times (and even the joyful ones) of deployment. For some it's a resource book, for others it might be a marriage or relationship helper. For me, it is Elaine Dumler's "I'm Already Home Again". For my business partner Star Henderson it's Shellie Vandevoorde's "Separated By Duty, United in Love". I encourage you to check out both books but also to list the ones that have helped you through deployment here on this thread. We can all learn from each other.


Tara - These are both great recommendations, thanks for sharing them. I LOVE, "Separated by Duty, United in Love" it's one of my favorites!! I'm always telling people about that book!
Great recommendations. I recently purchased Shellie Vandevoorde's "Separated By Duty, United in Love". I am about half way through it and it has helped calm my nerves and helped me to realize that a lot of the emotions that I have been going through are being experienced by many other military families across our Nation. I also purchased this book/journal, Rachel Robertson's "Deployment Journal for Spouses" that one of my dear friends recommended to me. It is appropriate for girlfriends and fiances as well. My friends husband was deployed to Afghanistan for one year. She filled it out while he was gone and when he got back, they sat down together and read it. She said it really helped them connect again. The journal starts off with a place to write about the history of your relationship,, what you love about them, how they make you laugh, etc. Pages to write about dreams, hopes and fears, write about accomplishments and milestones that you have done and pages to just write daily entries. There are many more great things in this journal. My husband is deploying in 3 weeks. This will be my first deployment and his fourth. I am going to try this journal out, it really seems like it will help. I am willing to do anything, try anything to keep us together and keep us communicating with each other, and not take for granted the sacrifices that they make for all of us.
Thanks for the recommendations! I will be picking both books up. My husband is deploying in november. Now any books you recommend for kids? My son is 2.
My husband and I just got married and within 3 weeks he left on a deployment. This will be our first, I am not really sure what to expect. But I have been keeping really busy and so far it seems to help. I do miss him everyday, and it's only been two weeks. :/ I will check out the books and try keeping a journal. That idea sounds great to help reconnect when he returns. Thanks for the tips. :) Annie
Other than online, where can I purchase the Deployment Journal for Spouses by Rachel Robertson?
I'll be going through my first deployment, and I think I will go ahead and order these on amazon.com ;) Thanks...I forgot to mention, first deployment as a new mommy <3
Two weeks after we were married my husband deployed for 11 months. It was a very difficult time as you can imagine. My mother in law gave me a copy of "Faith Deploeyed" by Jocelyn Green. It was a great encouragement for me, especially in those early days of marriage.
Thank you for the recommendations all of you. I am pregnant and my husband is about to deploy in the new year. This will be my first child, although I have a step son. He is 5 years old. I am also interested in any recommendations for children, if anyone has any...If I find some, I will post them on here to share with all of you. Thank you and God bless! :)
There are some wonderful children's books out there to help them cope during a deployment. I'll add this topic to my next blog post list. In the meantime, here is an awesome DoD website for military kids https://www.militarykidsconnect.org - "MilitaryKidsConnect (MKC) is an online community of military children (ages 6-17 yr old) that provides access to age-appropriate resources to support children from pre-deployment, through a parent's or caregiver's return."