Was wondering if I'm the only one who haven't gotten the credit to my account. Seen a old tread bout this issue but it month old. So if any new information come up or if anyone currently having this issue feel free to come forward.


we haven't either... I saw people posting that they were told it would be on sept 30, but here we are and still no $300. did you get yours today?
Just check mine and was not in there.

Dear gun,


As long as you met all requirements and accepted offer, you will receive $300 bonus no later than 01/07/16. Thank you for commenting.
I just called and they checked on it, said there was a delay and it would go in through there over night processing tonight and be there in the morning. You may want to call them, she said there was something that delayed mine.

Hi subwife,


We show your $300 promotional bonus was applied yesterday , 10/01. Thank you for posting and for your membership!